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“Kudos to Fern Bernstein for writing such an entertaining, intense, dramatic, page turning and emotional memoir which depicts the “Game of Mah Jongg” as a “Game of Life or Death” with family, friends, neighbors, love and hope! This memoir tugged at my heartstrings as I cheered on the winners!”
Linda Zagon
Review from Linda’s Book Obsession

“Readers and players alike will be drawn to Bernstein’s story, which
perfectly illustrates the benefits of the game: both the mental challenge and the bonds of friendship developed at the mah jongg table.”
Karen Gooen
Author of Searching For Bubbe Fischer: The path to Mah Jongg wisdom.


“Fern Bernstein’s memoir shows us how the game of mah jongg and the ties of sisterhood can lift our spirits through life’s highs and lows, love and heartaches, illness and mortality, while strengthening our trust and belief in a Higher Power and in ourselves.”
Barry Levy
Author of European Son

“With sparkle and pizazz, Fern Bernstein draws a stunning portrait of a woman who searches for her authentic self. Her compassionate eye surveys a vivid cast of characters including her Russian born husband, her immigrant mother-in-law, her mother and father and her radiant mah jongg partners. Fern finds joy and a tangle of love as she tastes the sorrows and victories that life and destiny has served up for her.”
Jiya Kowarsky
Author of River of Joy

“Join the writer as she takes you on her unpredictable journey through life as she finds solace, spirituality, and support through the sisterhood around the mah jongg table. As she fights a very personal suburban war against cancer, she learns that life - it’s challenges and it’s rewards - do not abide by the rules of any game.”

Mollie Mandell

“Whether you are a seasoned mah jongg player or someone who has never played the game, Mah Jongg Mondays will capture your heart from the very first page as Fern takes you on a journey of friendship, love and loss, cancer and survival and the mystical power of destiny.”

Alana Klaben
Mah Jongg Maven

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