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Welcome to my website...

Hello, I'm Fern Bernstein, author of Mah Jongg Mondays, a memoir about friendship, love and faith.
My newly released book is titled 
STAUNCH - The Edies of Grey Gardens.

My first book, Mah Jongg Monday's,  invites you to my story world. You can take a seat at my mah jongg table, be the bettor or a curious bystander or just immerse yourself within the pages of my book. One of my goals when writing this book was to help inspire people and it is my wish that this story will inspire you too. Many of us are faced with a hardship or challenge, and we need to search for ways to navigate through. We can find support, strength and love within our friendships and faith. It is also my wish that we never give up hope. Love always; love all ways, for time has no guarantees. 

My second book, STAUNCH - The Edies of Grey Gardens, is a story about Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie, also known as Big Edie and Little Edie. They lived on the South Fork of Long Island in the swanky town of East Hampton, in a house named Grey Gardens. They were the two staunch characters in the Maysles 1976 documentary which has a cult-like following with fans spanning the globe. Based on the real lives of Big and Little Edie Beale, STAUNCH is a women’s contemporary fiction riches-to-rags story.

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To purchase this 
book on Amazon:

To purchase this 
book on Amazon:

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